20 oct. 2012

Apple computer - Interesting Pics


Simpsons - Patetic pics


Alphabet - Jokes

Q: How many letters are there in the alphabet?

A: Twenty-four, because E.T. went home.


Drambuie Presents The Extraordinary Bar - Video

Drambuie Presents The Extraordinary Bar (Drambuie presents its new 2012 Cinema & Television commercial)

Nightmare - OMG pics


Amazing anagrams

Dormitory == Dirty Room

Desperation == A Rope Ends It

The Morse Code == Here Come Dots

Slot Machines == Cash Lost in 'em

Animosity == Is No Amity

Snooze Alarms == Alas! No More Z's

Alec Guinness == Genuine Class

Semolina == Is No Meal

The Public Art Galleries == Large Picture Halls, I Bet

A Decimal Point == I'm a Dot in Place

The Earthquakes == That Queer Shake

Eleven plus two == Twelve plus one

Contradiction == Accord not in it

Imagination - Interesting Pics

Eric Proctor